The joys of Anime

I have learned so much from mentoring but most recently I have learned how important it is for my mentee to have a dream.

He is obsessed with Anime. He teaches me about the characters, he draws them for me, and we go and see the most recent Anime films. He is right, they are brilliant! His obsession with these Japanese cartoon characters allows him to step out of his own grim reality and into another world and it gives him something to aspire to.

He tells me that when he’s older he wants to go and live in Japan, make Anime films and become rich.  I tell him he should try to visit Japan first to see if he likes it and that he wants to get there, he needs to work hard at school and college, get a part-time job when he can, and to save money.

I love that he has a dream. It gives us something to talk about and work toward. And who knows, he may get to Japan, make Anime films and become rich! Anything is possible with friendship and support.

Anon Mentor