The difference
we make

PROMISEworks is a Somerset-wide mentoring programme for young people between the ages of 5 and 25 who are experiencing difficulties at home or with education and training. We also support some care-leavers beyond the age of 21.  

PROMISEworks receives referrals for young people from social workers, police officers, health professionals, teachers, parents, and sometimes young people themselves.

Mentoring can fill many gaps in the lives of vulnerable or disadvantaged young people. It can establish a trusting, one-to-one relationship between them and their mentor. This sometimes becomes the only positive and stable adult influence in otherwise chaotic lives.

Mentoring can:

  • Promote social skills
  • Encourage personal awareness of strengths and limitations as well as develop an empathy for others
  • Help young people celebrate their own achievements
  • Promote the belief that their own efforts matter and can make a difference
  • Encourage opportunities to view previous negative experiences more positively
  • Help children to be active rather than passive influences in their own futures
  • Support parents/carers to provide responsible parenting
  • Re-engage the young person with their local community and wider society
  • Teach effective ways of coping and problem solving
  • Provide opportunities to take part in demanding and challenging activities in a safe and secure environment
  • Introduce the young person to wider positive network

What our mentors say…

“Mentors give young people the opportunity to be themselves without fear of judgement.” – David

“Luke didn’t need me to replace his father, he just needed me to help him build a positive and healthy relationship with an adult, and, as one wasn’t always available, it seemed that I would do instead.” – Nick

“I’m incredibly proud of how far my mentee has come in the time I have known her.” – Sally

What our mentees say…

“If my time with my mentor had to stop I would go back to what I was before. I would not be sat here now if it wasn’t for her”

“I am more confident and I smile more, I think every kid should have one”

“She is not a mentor she’s a friend… a grain of sand you only find once”