Volunteer mentor at the beach

About PROMISEworks

Long-term mentoring makes a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people in many ways:

  • Mentoring can improve a young person’s self-esteem, widen their horizons and raise their aspirations
  • It can help them learn to control their anger; prevent them from getting into dangerous situations and stop them from causing harm or damage to themselves or people and things around them
  • If only for a short time each week, it can give them the opportunity just to be children – to enjoy a picnic, jump in the surf or critique the current fashion trends without worrying about what else is going on in their often chaotic young lives

Academic research backs up the direct evidence collected by our local volunteers indicating that mentors are often the only stable adult relationship in these young people’s lives.

In Somerset, until recently, this service was delivered by Promise Mentoring and Advocacy (PMA – an agency of Somerset County Council).  With the re-branding of PMA to Route1 Advocacy & Independent Visitors, there was the danger that mentoring could disappear for all but children in care.  PROMISEworks, an independent charity, initially established to provide additional funding to PMA, has risen to this challenge, and will ensure that mentoring continues.

PROMISEworks will fully support these important relationships between mentors and their young people.  This means that, from April 2017, the 24/7 support offered to these mentors will come from PROMISEworks own trained staff alongside the reimbursement of their expenses.

If there were such a thing, the average relationship would cost around £1,500 per year to support. In addition to these costs, PROMISEwork has established a mental health fund which pays for additional therapeutic sessions when these are considered necessary to support a young person.

Note that we do not fund any costs that the Local Authority has a Statutory Duty to provide.