Volunteer Opportunities

PROMISEworks is a Somerset-wide mentoring programme for young people between the ages of five and nineteen who are experiencing difficulties at home or with education and training.  We also support a number of care leavers beyond the age of twenty one years.

PROMISEworks will received referrals for young people from social workers, police officers, health professionals, teachers, parents and, sometimes, young people themselves.

Each mentoring relationship is designed to last for a minimum of two years.  They involve, on average, a commitment to the young person of two to three hours contact each week.  All mentors are volunteers.  Over a period of five weeks, they complete an in-depth, five-day training course.  This forms part of an overall, rigorous assessment programme.

What mentors say

“I had doubts about my ability to relate to a young person, but I have made a really good friend … the training was really stimulating … my mentee, is physically disabled but has great willpower and perseverance … he has so many abilities in tolerance and patience”. James

“I’ve gained far more from it than her … the team are absolutely committed to supporting the mentors – not just empty words or gestures, they really mean it … my young person is now 15 years old … she’s had really ‘rich’ life experiences that, in a way, mismatch her with ‘normal’ 15 year olds, yet she doesn’t really belong to the world of adults … I offer support and encouragement but I don’t feel sorry for her … it’s been a privilege to work with my mentee.” Anne

 “I’ve been a mentor for 2 years … I found the training very motivating … mentors are not miracle workers, and mentees do retain responsibility for themselves … activities are a good thing to celebrate and cement a relationship, but it’s the day to day bits that matter … mentoring is like a roller coaster, you get the highs and lows along the way”. Gillian

If you would like to find out more about volunteering to become a mentor and can commit to 2 years of weekly contact with a young person then we would love to hear from you.  The first step is to email your contact details to and ask for an application pack.